• 10,Apr,2024

China’s first corgi police dog

The first in China! Corgi was admitted to the Shandong civil service. Netizens joked: Sure enough, the dog’s fate is up to me.

Unexpectedly, now everyone is envious of a dog that actually has a code. Sure enough, the end of the universe is a code!

Recently, a special police dog, Corgi "Fu Zai", was unveiled at a police camp open day event in Weifang, Shandong.

This "little short leg" quickly became popular on the Internet with its happy smile and superb explosive detection skills.


It has attracted widespread attention due to its cute appearance and special identity - China's first braided Corgi police dog.

This corgi with short legs and big butt not only successfully landed a job as a civil servant in Shandong, but also became a star in the police force with its unique charm.

Netizens exclaimed: "This corgi is so cute, it is simply the mascot of the police force!"


Fu Zai’s popularity is not accidental. Behind its success is the police force’s strict control over the selection and training of police dogs.

As an important force in the police force, police dogs need to have a high degree of alertness, keen observation and excellent physical fitness.

Although Corgis may not be as good as other police dogs in terms of physical fitness, Fu Zai stands out with his unique intelligence and acumen and has become a shining star in the police force.


Fu Zai's popularity has also drawn attention to the selection and training of police dogs. As an important force in the police force, police dogs need to undergo strict selection and training to be competent at their jobs.

The police force will comprehensively consider the breed, personality, physical fitness and other factors of the dog to select the most suitable dog to serve as a police dog.

Corgis have the highest IQ among dogs, which allows them to quickly master various skills during training. Their energy and stamina also allow them to remain efficient during long missions.


The Corgi's short legs have become an advantage in some aspects. The short legs make them more flexible when searching narrow spaces and can enter places that large police dogs cannot reach. This plays a very important role in certain specific police work, such as search and rescue, explosive detection, etc.

These characteristics of Corgis make them not only competent in the work of police dogs, but even surpass traditional police dog breeds in some aspects.


The popularity of police dog Corgi Fuzi has made us see the cuteness and charm of police dogs, and also made us pay more attention to the important role of police dogs in maintaining social order.

As loyal partners and guardians of humans, police dogs deserve more respect and support from us.

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