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Small stainless steel detachable pet bathtub mini pet bath

Product features:

1. Made of 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, anti-acid and not easy to rust
2.Strong structure, good sealing, can be used for a long time
3. The bath pool is equipped with three sides of the coaming plate, which can effectively solve the problem of back splashing and side splashing, and has greater practicability
4. The tub contains waterproof seals to prevent leaks and reduce the risk of slipping while bathing your dog.
5. Easy to clean: The bath pool is equipped with hot and cold water faucets and high-pressure sprayers (adjustable water output), which can make pet cleaning easier and more convenient.
6. Manufacturer, can be customized.

Specification parameters:
Overall size: 87*50* 119.5cm;

Internal size of the sink: 82*46*20 cm

Packing size: 93*57*38 cm
Net/Gross weight: 17.7KG/22.9kg

Length of sewer pipe: 80 cm

Bearing range: 40-80 kg




We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of pet products with many years export experience.

Our main products are as follows:

1.High-grade stainless steel folding pet cages

2.SUS 304 Veterinarian cages

3.Bird cages

4.Pet Grooming tables and bath tub.

5.Pet dryers

6.Pet operating tables.

7.Pet treadmill.

8. Monitors, X-ray devices and other types of pet medical and beauty equipment.

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