Pet Care Equipment

2-story 6-door stainless steel veterinary cat carrier

Product features:

1. The cat cage has reasonable structure, super pressure, strong and durable.

2. Door lock unique sliding silent design, light sound, automatic locking, convenient, good security.



3. There are two floors, each with an independent leisure area, food area and health area.



4. The rest table is set in the middle, which is made of high-strength acrylic plate and can be disassembled for easy cleaning and hygiene.


5. It can be passed between the two rooms and can be opened here.


6. There is a special shock-proof mute sticker on the outside of the cage body, which makes the noise reduction more quiet.

7. The bottom moving brake wheel, quiet, wear-resistant, easy to shift and fix.


We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of pet products with many years export experience.

Our main products are as follows:

1.High-grade stainless steel folding pet cages

2.SUS 304 Veterinarian cages

3.Bird cages

4.Pet Grooming tables and bath tub.

5.Pet dryers

6.Pet operating tables.

7.Pet treadmill.

8. Monitors, X-ray devices and other types of pet medical and beauty equipment.

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