Pet Care Equipment

Pet nano SPA bubble machine

Pet nano-microbubble technology

Let shampoo, water, gas (completely blend)

Make pet bathing easier, simpler, faster and more fun.


Can fully save:

Shampoo ≥40%



Subverting traditional pet bathing

The foaming is very even and fine, and can easily penetrate the hair and reach the skin, effectively protecting the pet owner's hands and the pet's skin!


1. Save shampoo and get better results: Stir the fine bubbles fully to give full play to the effect of pet shampoo. Compared with traditional hand scrubbing, it is more effective in penetrating into the deep layers of the skin and fur for deep care.

2. The machine automatically mixes and produces foam. Say goodbye to diluting bottles. Mix as much as you use. It produces foam efficiently and saves shampoo.

3. One-hand operation, one hand to control the pet, and one hand to operate the pet bathing! Flush or bubble, switch with one click! The imported silicone pet shower head integrates massage and comb, making pet bathing more enjoyable and no more fuss.

4: The machine is fully stirred, and the shampoo is mixed efficiently to maximize its efficacy. Remove pet odor, mites, floating hair, and oily fur. Brightens pet hair and gives your pet long-lasting cleaning protection.

6: 12V safe electricity use, safe and secure.

7: The operation is simple and everyone can achieve professional results.

8: Full body SPA treatment, bubble bath.

9: Every drop of shampoo is mixed with water and gas through the equipment. The bubbles follow the hair and reach every corner of the skin. Then they explode as the atmospheric pressure increases, forming a natural protective shield to prevent the growth of bacteria.

10: Patented design, suitable for all pet shampoos on the market.


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