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Two-story 4-door-tilt funnel dog cage

Two-story 4-door-tilt funnel dog cage


Product parameters:

Total size: 125*78*150 cm

Upper layer: 125*78*75 cm

Lower layer: 125*78*75 cm

Tray size: 125*74*11 cm Nozzle: length 5.5*φ5.1 cm Net weight: 4 kg

Packing size: 130*80*17 cm, net weight: 23 kg, gross weight: 26 kg (excluding tray)


Accessories: plastic elbow joints, water pipes, 3-way joints

The inclined funnel tray is connected to the sewer pipe on the side and can be directly connected to the sewer. Urine can flow directly into the sewer. It is also convenient for flushing pet feces with water, making it easy to clean.

The overall material is 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-proof.

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