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  • 03,Apr,2024

How to choose a good dog grooming table for your pet?

A pet cat or dog is a living creature, and it will never be static for you to perform grooming actions, so a grooming desk that can maintain stability, stop slipping, and be safe is necessary.

The elements of a good beauty table:

1. The height of the dog grooming table can be adjusted, and the rise and fall are stable and safe, so that pets can easily jump on the table and reduce the tension of pets. It also eases the work of the beautician.

2. The desktop must be anti-slip and anti-static.

3. The table plate is closely connected with the four sides of the rubber strip to prevent cleaning dead corners.

4. The table can be easily replaced to prevent the beauty table from normal use due to aging or damage caused by too long use.

5. The boom should be stable and adjustable. After the fixed rope is fastened, it can be adjusted and fixed freely according to the height of the dog.


Lize electric lift pet beauty table easily has the above advantages at the same time is also equipped with dual power jack, can be connected to the blower and other small beauty appliances, to achieve the maximum effect; It is also equipped with tool hooks and storage boxes to maximize the functionality of the beauty table.

And a variety of styles to choose from.


The desktop height lifting adopts motor drive, foot control, the height can be adjusted according to the need, saving time and labor, the load is 120kg, the lifting range is 20cm to 95cm, the new electric lifting method can realize the pet free jump onto the surface, easily and scientifically alleviate the beautician's labor intensity, improve the labor efficiency.Base by 30*50mm thickness of 1.2 carbon steel pipe welded forming, slash support design combined with electrostatic spray, the process is beautiful and durable.

白色 (25).jpg

The desktop is a 1.8CM density board. The black anti-slip rubber pad is a pagoda type anti-slip and anti-static rubber. Non-slip texture design, light and durable.

白色 (14).jpg

The boom is 201 stainless steel H type, adjustable height and width, wall thickness is 1.0mm. The boom is equipped with 2 braided ropes to facilitate the fixation of pets, and its length is 50cm.

白色 (24).jpg

Our pet grooming tables have long been well received by customers. If you would also like more details, please contact us.

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