Pet Grooming Knowledge

  • 05,Apr,2024

Basic dog care knowledge

With the improvement of people's living standards, pet grooming is no longer just a simple bath, and has developed into a professional technology. Different dog breeds use different grooming tools and techniques. Most dogs start with the following 7 procedures.





  1. Brushing (Tool Pin Comb): First, use a pin comb to brush the dog's fur. This can remove dead hair and knots on the dog's body, making the fur smooth, clean and shiny.

  2. Combing (tool steel comb): After brushing the hair, you can use a steel comb to comb it again to check whether there are still small knots on the dog's body. If you don't comb out the knots on your dog's hair before bathing, it will be more difficult to comb out and wash the dog's hair thoroughly after bathing.

  3. Bathing: When bathing your dog, you must choose a shampoo suitable for your dog's hair. Generally, the water temperature for bathing is 35---45 degrees, and the water temperature is higher in winter. Generally speaking, long-haired dogs usually take a bath once a week, while short-haired dogs take a bath once every half a month.

  4. Blow drying: After bathing your dog, use a highly absorbent towel to absorb excess moisture from your dog's body, and then use a hair dryer to dry the hair. You can also comb your hair while blow-drying, so that the hair you blow out will be naturally fluffy and beautiful.

  5. Trim nails: If your dog’s nails are too long, it will make it difficult to walk. It can also cause bone deformation, unsightly walking posture, and other problems. Some dogs' nails are even too long and pierce into the foot pads, causing great pain to the dog. Cutting nails seems very simple, but in fact, when trimming, you should not cut too deep to avoid bleeding. If your dog is cut and bleeds once, he will not let his feet be touched next time and his temper will become fierce.

  6. Clean eyes and ear canals: Dogs communicate with humans through their eyes. Dogs will scratch their eyes with their paws when they feel uncomfortable, so they can easily damage their eyeballs and corneas. Dogs’ ear canals are also susceptible to ear diseases (especially those with long ears). Dogs) Sometimes the dog scratches its ears from time to time, or shakes its head and has pungent secretions, which are the characteristics of the dog having ear disease. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the eyes and ears of the dog regularly at the animal beauty salon to prevent various kinds of diseases. Eye and ear diseases.

  7. Trimming: Healthy dogs naturally love to be clean. Sometimes when the dog’s hair is messed up, the dog will lick it with his tongue to clean it up. Therefore, it is necessary to help them comb regularly, and sometimes take the dog to the animal beauty salon to trim the hair regularly. , because for example, if the dog’s butt hair is too long, it will affect defecation; if the hair on the abdomen and legs is too long, it will affect walking or make it easy to get dirty; if the hair on the soles of the feet is too long, it will slip when walking and make it easy to fall. Therefore, all long-haired dogs should be trimmed regularly.


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