Pet Grooming Knowledge

  • 26,Apr,2024

A little knowledge about pets 2

42. Different types of cats mate with different alleles.

43. When buying a dog, look for the eyes, nose, demeanor and underbelly.
44. Leek, ginger, pumpkin, chili, five seeds, garlic are six kinds of Chinese herbs to prevent fish from getting sick.
45. Alternative pets include reptiles, arthropods, insects and mollusks.
46. Ornamental fish are divided into goldfish, koi and tropical fish.
47. Common parrots are macaws, budgies, cockatoos and blue-headed parrots.
48. Nursing pets include hamsters, rabbits, squirrels, and monkeys.
49. Reptiles include lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles.
50. To keep a cat, you need a cage, comb, litter box, litter box, litter bar, cat climbing rack, cat claw board.
51. Pet insects include crickets, locusts, mantises, dragonflies and butterflies.
52. Birds are divided into hard eaters and soft eaters.
53. Baby turtles can regulate their intestines with probiotics without eating.
54. There is a fish that cannot swim and can only walk along the sand under the water. This fish is called batfish
55. The largest fish in the world is the whale, which is more than 50 feet long, and the smallest fish is the small acanthelfin. It's less than 1 centimeter long.
56. Most goldfish only live a little more than ten years, up to 40 years.
57. Don't grab the rabbit's ears, it will cause the ears to not stand up.
58. Rabbit is medicine, with antitoxic and insecticidal effect.
59. Rabbits can get pregnant again during pregnancy.
60. Birds are divided into carnivorous, fish-eating, insect-eating, herbivorous and omnivorous birds.
There are more than 9,000 species of living birds in the world, and China has 1,186 species, accounting for 13 percent of the world's bird species.
62. Turtles have no vocal cords, so they can't make sounds.

63. Turtles have good eyesight and good sense of smell, so that they can find food.

64. Understand your pet's eating habits and know what you can and can't eat.
65. The longer a dog's nose is, the more likely it is to get heat stroke.
Dogs can sense changes in the weather.
67. Cats have 32 muscles in their ears, five times as many as humans, and can rotate 180 degrees.
68. A cat's eyes can't focus at close range and can only see far away, which is equivalent to being semi-blind.
69. The cat's legs are short and cute, just like the corgis in dogs.
70. Dog weaning 45 days, cat weaning 60 days is best.
71.7 year old cats and dogs should be vaccinated after the worm.
72. Pet infections can also be transmitted to people.
73. Household pets must be properly disinfected and immunized.
74. Grass turtles hibernate for about half a year.
75. Clean and comb your cat regularly every day.
76. Greedy dogs should wear masks when they go out for a walk to prevent them from eating unclean things.
77. A cat's snoring is a sign of trust in its owner.
78. A cat's pulse is as high as 170/ min.
79. The wagging of a dog's tail is one of his expressions.
80. Dogs smell their butts as a way of socializing.


81. Dogs have very sensitive hearing, much better than humans.

82. The industrious bee will be lazy and sleep in the process of making honey.
83. Female dragonflies avoid mating. To avoid unwanted mating, female dragonflies play dead.
84. When a dog defecates, it adjusts its body in line with the Earth's magnetic field.
85. Dogs understand that the sensation of experience is touch.
86. The world's oldest dog lived to be 29 years old.
87. Dogs share 99% of their DNA with wolves.
88. A dog has the intelligence of a three-year-old child.
89. Men walking their dogs are three times more likely to call girls.
90. Fish also sleep, which is biologically called sleep swimming.
91. Fish can drown under the great pressure.
92. Rabbits are naturally timid and will run away when they meet strange animals.
There are more than 5 million cats in the world, with about 40 breeds.
94. Cats have more sensitive hearing than dogs.
95. Cat fur is rich in cholesterol and ergol, which is changed into vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light in the sun. Regular licking of the fur can directly absorb vitamin D.
96. Grass for cats is rich in plant fiber, which AIDS digestion.
97. Don't tease a dog. It's faster to bite than to dodge.
98. Obedient dogs have droopy ears, curly tails, and patterns.
99. The smallest dog is the fox.
100. The average life span of a dog is about 13 years old.


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