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  • 27,May,2024

What emotional changes will a dog experience after having its hair cut?

What emotional changes will a dog experience after having its hair cut?


When summer comes, many parents like to cut or style their dogs' hair. Then some owners will find that their dogs' emotions have changed after the haircut, but they don't know what's going on. This will happen. I was a little caught off guard, so let me answer your questions!

What emotional changes will a dog experience after having its hair cut?

Generally speaking, when a dog’s coat is cut, the following three emotional changes will occur:

1.become angry

When a dog's fur is cut, they may be dissatisfied with their new look. This is just like getting angry if we don't get a haircut properly, and then the dog will complain to the official. Temper, or even aggressive behavior, or the dog itself hates cutting, and the owner forces it to cut, they will be angry, so the owner may wish to check the dog's attitude before cutting.


2.Become depressed and have low self-esteem

Some dogs will become very hesitant after their hair is cut. This is the most common situation. Basically 90% of dogs will become depressed after their hair is cut. They like to hide and are unwilling to see people. This is all because of the change in appearance, which they themselves cannot accept for a while, and even feel that they have become ugly. In response to this, the owner can often praise them and let them adapt slowly, and gradually the melancholy mood will ease.

The low self-esteem is mostly due to the dog thinking that he is different from other dogs after being trimmed, and the emotions that appear can only make the dog adapt to it slowly.

3.excited, happy

Some dogs are very keen on styling. For such dogs, styling is a kind of enjoyment. They will also feel that they are more beautiful after styling, so they will be very happy and excited.

In fact, as long as the owner knows how to comfort the dog according to the dog's emotional changes, he should not force the dog to go out. Once the hair grows back there will be no problem.


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