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  • 01,Jun,2024

Basic knowledge of pet grooming - how to use grooming tables, stands, poles and slings

Basic knowledge of pet grooming - how to use grooming tables, stands, poles and slings

Pet Grooming Table

The basics of grooming are almost always based on a grooming table. For professional groomers, it is impossible to work in a safe, timely, and efficient manner without this highly specialized equipment. There are many different types of grooming tables at different price points.

The key factor in deciding which table to buy is the height of the table. In addition to providing a clear view and close proximity to the dog, working at the right height table can reduce muscle strain and back-related injuries for the groomer.

The ideal table height is different for each groomer and depends on the groomer's own height and the height of the dog being groomed. Smaller dogs require a taller table so the groomer doesn't have to bend over all the time to groom the dog. Larger dogs require a lower table so the groomer can reach around and over the dog while grooming.

The size of the tabletop is also an important determining factor. Whether purchasing a standard or adjustable table, consider purchasing a narrow tabletop. This layout is more conducive to handling and controlling the dog. You don't necessarily want to get close to the dog who is always standing at the edge of the table farthest from you, especially if the table is wide. One day you groom on a narrow table, you won't go back to a wide table. A 18cmx30cm grooming table can accommodate most dogs. If you are taking care of large dogs, a 18cmx42cm table can accommodate all dogs.

Standard beauty table


Standard grooming tables are manually adjusted without electric or hydraulic power. There are two traditional types, one with a fixed height and one with an adjustable height. Height-adjustable tables are more flexible than fixed-height tables, even though they need to be adjusted manually to accommodate different sized dogs.

Both tables are foldable and can be easily moved around. They are affordable, so you can buy an extra one to fold and store. If you don't have a big budget for equipment and you're not too tall or short, you can buy the cheapest fixed-height standard grooming table.

Adjustable tables - electronic and hydraulically powered

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Adjustable tables that are powered by electricity or hydraulics offer three key advantages over standard grooming tables. Speed, convenience, and precision. With these tables, you can quickly set the table to whatever height you need, without having to flip the table over to extend or shorten the legs. You can use the dog on the table to adjust the table, eliminating the guesswork and attempts to set the correct height, allowing you to adjust the table to the exact height. Some models of these tables have built-in electrical outlets in the tabletop, which are very convenient for clippers, dryers, and other tools that require electrical power. Some tables can even be lit, providing lighting from under the dog to illuminate those hard-to-see undersides of the dog.

If you can afford an electric or hydraulically powered table, it will be worth more than its weight in gold. The difference between using a standard grooming table and an adjustable one is in the time saved and the physical toll. Although electric grooming tables are the most expensive, they are the best purchase in the long run. If you are considering a low-cost hydraulic grooming table to avoid the low-cost, economical possibility that your table will wobble while you are grooming. So, test the table before you buy it to see if it is stable and durable.

Beauty rope


To ensure the safety of both you and your dog during grooming, use a grooming sling when your dog is on the grooming table or tub. It will help you control your dog and prevent serious accidents. Sometimes slings are called "nooses," but this term should be avoided, especially in front of dog owners. This term can make them feel like their pet is hanging.

Watch a dog try to jump off a table. When it is ready to leave the table, the first thing it does is lower its head to its feet. A grooming sling can prevent your dog's head from lowering, which can stop the dog from jumping off the table. Keep the sling high enough so that when the dog is standing, his head is at a comfortable height. You don't want the sling to be too high or too tight, which can suffocate or make the dog uncomfortable. The sling only needs to be high enough that the dog can't lower his head. Not only will your dog be less likely to jump off the table when you have control over his head, he will also be calmer during the grooming process. Another safety benefit is that when the dog's head is raised, it is difficult for him to get around you if he wants to bite you. When purchasing a grooming stand, make sure it is high enough for the tallest dog you plan to groom so that his head can be raised comfortably.

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