• 29,Nov,2023

The Pet Dryer Really Smells Good

Regret I really regret!!

I regret not coming in sooner!

How nice it feels to have an automatic pet dryer

My back is no longer sore, my head is no longer dizzy

No more getting covered in dog water!

Usually use a hair dryer

Not only loud noise and temperature control but also long drying time

But also afraid of low temperature easy to catch a cold, high temperature is not good for hair

The drying box is perfect for freeing your hands


Parents watch TV and dogs lie on their stomachs waiting to blow dry

what a wonderful family moment,

135L ultra large capacity Homan Pet Automatic Blow-drying box Utra

There's plenty of room for two puppies

Lazy mom just took the toys and blow-dried them together

There are two modes of blow drying to choose from

Air volume temperature is also easy to adjust

Daily use can also be adjusted to warm in winter/cool in summer kennel mode

What I like most is the detachable interactive window design on the side

It's so convenient to feed your dog treats to calm your dog!

Sorry about the pet store

From now on, parents have to bathe their dogs at home

Save money! Hey 😚