• 29,Nov,2023

Choose A Cage That Fits Your Dog's Body Type

Dog cage is necessary for those naughty dogs, they are restless during the day, always noisy want to go out, do not sleep well at night, in the room, then this time, the dog cage can play a certain limiting role, but the owner how to choose a suitable dog cage?

The size of the dog cage should be determined according to the actual size of the dog as an adult. Too small cage is not suitable for dogs, under normal circumstances the size of the cage should be three times the size of the dog. But how do you get three times the size? In terms of volume, the top and corners of the cage are actually unusable space for the dog. Others say it's just wide enough for a dog to turn around. However, if the dog you buy is a puppy, it is necessary to take into account its growth, so the cage must be purchased with reference to the size of the dog's adult.


Therefore, when choosing a dog cage, pay attention to the above and above the corner of the cage is not very important to the dog. Therefore, the actual dog cage size and its length and width should be at least 2-3 dogs can be. That way the dog has enough room to turn around and take a few steps.

There are many dog cage brands, recommend a stainless steel dog cage, the material selection of 304 high-quality stainless steel, composed of stainless steel square tube and round tube, with super toughness and robustness, raw materials without harmful substances, the bottom of the cage is equipped with plastic tray, easy to clean dirty matter. Two of the four vientiane wheels have brake function, which is flexible and labor-saving. Cage with feeding door, convenient hygiene.