• 29,Nov,2023

How To Choose A Pet Blower

Bathing a dog is not a hassle, it is the real time to blow dry their coat. If you are raising small dogs, then an ordinary high-power hair dryer is sufficient. However, for medium and large long-haired dogs, home hair dryers are certainly not suitable, otherwise it is estimated that half a day will be spent on this hair. So if you are bathing your own large dog, then it is more appropriate to prepare a pet blower.

In fact, the blower is a high-power hair dryer, its working principle is slightly different from the hair dryer, the hair dryer can also produce some heat to accelerate the evaporation of water while blowing. The water blower simply relies on the strong wind to blow the water off the dog's body.


The choice of blowers is not the bigger the better, some small blowers also have a better water removal capacity. Pay attention to wind speed and blowing force when choosing a blower. It is not that the higher the wind speed, the better the blower, only when the blowing force is relatively high, the high wind speed is meaningful. Otherwise, no matter how fast the wind speed is, it is meaningless to blow out the wind without any force.

The wind speed of the water blower is large, but the disadvantage is that the sound is also relatively large, so the dog may be nervous when it first contacts, so the owner should stabilize the dog's mood. Once the dog is familiar with the sound, it will be much easier to blow. When blowing, you can blow against the skin from the top down, front to back, and blow in one direction at the beginning, otherwise the water just blown out will be blown back, and the efficiency will be reduced a lot. Once it's mostly dry, it's not so fussy.

In addition, after blowing, wait for a little while, because some dogs' coat is easy to return to moisture, just after blowing it feels dry, and after a while it is a little wet, which is the need for us to blow for a while and thoroughly dry the coat.