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Stainless steel folding dog cage

Stainless steel folding dog cage


Small size:78*52*60 cm

Medium size:94*60*75cm

Large size:110*70*95 cm

Increase: 125*75*100 cm

Load capacity: 150 kg

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1. The material is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, which is composed of stainless steel square tubes and round tubes. It has super toughness and solidity, and the raw materials have no harmful substances.

2. There is a plastic movable tray installed at the bottom of the cage to facilitate the cleaning of waste.

3. Two of the four universal wheels have braking functions, which are flexible and labor-saving.

4. The cage has a small door for feeding, which is convenient and hygienic.

5. Manufacturer, supports customization

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