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Steel spray hydraulic pet grooming table - Aluminum alloy edge

Steel spray hydraulic pet grooming table - Aluminum alloy edge

Specification model: LZGT-201

Product size: 108*60* (53-90) cm

Packing size: A: 111cm*62cm*4cm B: 85cm*52cm*52cm

Gross/net weight: A: 12.5kg/11kg B: 29.5kg/24kg


Technical Parameters:

1. The desktop is made of 1.8CM density board. The black anti-slip rubber pad is pagoda-type anti-slip anti-static rubber. The blue anti-skid rubber pad is dot anti-skid anti-static rubber.

2. Aluminum alloy edging, the edging is not easy to fall off, strong and durable.

3. Nylon clamp and one boom; the boom is 201 stainless steel, height adjustable, one boom. The length is 123CM and the wall thickness is 1.0mm. The boom is equipped with a braided rope to facilitate the fixation of pets, and its length is 50cm.

4. The base is a "Z"-shaped metal structure with a wall thickness of 1.0mm, which is beautiful in combination with electrostatic spraying. Equipped with a high-quality hydraulic pump, the table can be raised and lowered smoothly, with a load capacity of 100kgs and a lifting range of 40cm to 95cm; the bottom Equipped with adjustable screws, it can be placed stably under different ground conditions; it adopts a folding retaining frame, which is convenient and durable.

5.5-layer carton packaging. Corner bubble bag foam protection.

6. Stainless steel base can be customized;

7. Optional: gantry boom and meniscus boom.

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