Pet Care Equipment

Combined stainless steel foster care (hospitalization) cage

Product Features:

1. The cage body has a reasonable structure, is super pressure-bearing, and is sturdy and durable.

2. The door lock has a unique sliding design, automatically locks, and has good safety.

3. The foot pedal grid and cage door are welded with high frequency and high current, which are strong and will not desolder.

4. The four sides of the dirt collecting tray are tilted outwards, leaving no dead corners and making it easy to rinse.

5. Equipped with a seamless water retaining edge, it is more convenient and hygienic to use.

6. The lower cage is designed with a movable draw-out panel, which can be turned into a large cage by pulling out the draw-out panel.

7. The moving brake wheel at the bottom is silent, wear-resistant, and convenient for shifting and fixing.

8. The cage is innovatively designed, exquisite and unique. Feel free to combine and customize as needed.



1. Dimensions: length 1220mm depth 700mm height 1570mm

2. Upper cage: length 610mm, height 610mm, depth 700mm

   Lower cage: length 610, height 820, depth 700mm

3. Dirt collecting tray: length 690, width 540, height 45mm

4. Footing mesh: length 690, width 545, thickness 10mm

5. Upper cage door: length 530, height 480, thickness 8mm

6. Lower cage door: length 530, height 690, thickness 8mm

Material Description:

The overall material is 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-proof. The cage material thickness is 1.2mm. The cage door is made of steel wires with a diameter of 8mm and a diameter of 6mm. The stepping grid is made of a steel wire with a diameter of 10mm and a diameter of 4mm. The material of the dirt collecting tray Thickness 0.8mm. The bottom moving wheel adopts high-strength medical universal brake wheel.


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