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Electric lifting pet grooming table

Electric lifting pet grooming table

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Product size: 126*66* (20-95) cm

Packing size: 132cm*72cm*25cm

Gross/net weight: 57kg/55kg

Bears about 250 pounds

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Technical Parameters:

1. The desktop is made of 1.8CM density board. The black anti-slip rubber pad is pagoda-type anti-slip and anti-static rubber. It is designed with anti-slip texture, soft and durable.

2. The metal frame of the desktop is welded from 30*20mm thick 1.2 carbon steel pipes. It has a frame-type built-in structure and is sprayed with anti-static plastic. It can effectively protect the desktop and can be freely replaced, making it convenient and hygienic.

3. The height of the desktop is driven by a motor and controlled by a foot pedal. The height can be adjusted as needed, saving time and effort. The load capacity is 120kg, and the lifting range is 20cm to 95cm. The new electric lifting method allows pets to jump onto the table freely and easily. Science has alleviated the labor intensity of beauticians and improved labor efficiency.

4. The boom is 201 stainless steel H-type, adjustable in height, and the wall thickness is uniformly 1.0mm. The boom is equipped with 2 braided ropes to facilitate the fixation of pets. The length is 50cm.

5. The base is welded from 30*50mm carbon steel pipes with a thickness of 1.2. The slash support design is combined with electrostatic spraying to make the craftsmanship beautiful and durable.

6. The bottom is equipped with adjustable screws so that it can be placed stably under different ground conditions;

7. (Optional) Equipped with multi-functional sockets, storage boxes, and hooks, which are convenient and practical.

8. Colors available: black, white, blue-gray, silver-grey, blue, and pink.

9. 5-layer carton packaging. Six-sided honeycomb cardboard protection.

10. Manufacturer supports customization.

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