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Multifunctional wet disposal table

Multifunctional wet disposal table


Product Features:

The multifunctional pet disposal table is made of fully rounded corners without any dead corners, making it easier to clean. It uses a stainless steel filter to prevent water leakage from being blocked. Equipped with infusion stand, pull-out faucet, 304 stainless steel tray, and push-type hand sanitizer.

The pull-out faucet has two water outlet methods, which can be used for cleaning at high distances.

The drawer slides in the cabinet are made of stainless steel thickened guide rails.

Comes with a cabinet and three drawers.



Length 1400 Width 600 Height 880 mm

Material Description:

The main part of the stainless steel multi-functional pet disposal table is made of 1.2mm 304 wire drawing plate. The grid is made of 8mm diameter keel, and the rungs are cross-spot welded with 4mm diameter.

Easy to use, clean and hygienic, a must-have for hospitals.


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