Pet Medical Equipment

High brightness medical veterinary examination light

Product Description:

Using 5W international brand LED as light source, daylight color, high brightness, cold light, long life. It is mainly composed of lamp holder, lamp pole, power box and so on.
This product through the optical design, the light distribution is uniform and the spot size is adjustable, the lamp head is processed by aluminum, good heat dissipation and long service life, professional appearance design, high-end atmosphere and grade; Selection of high-quality hose free positioning, arbitrary bending, to achieve any Angle lighting,
This product can be used with floor type, table type, wall type, rail type, ceiling type and other supports.


Basic parameters:
1. Rated voltage: AC90~240V 50Hz~60Hz
2. Input power: ≤10VA
3. Bulb power: LED 5W
4. Color temperature :4500K±500K
5. Color rendering index: 80
6. Lamp life :50000h
7. Illumination: > 25000Lux
8. Net weight: 1.3KG
9. Package size (fixture) :600*120*260mm
(Landing) : 845*215*155mm



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